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Inflation and high costs are hammering Mainers with cold weather coming. What’s the top policy you would champion in Augusta to reduce costs?

We need to make the process for applying for heating assistance as streamlined as possible and there must be an easily accessible “off-line” option for applications. Policies that help people conserve energy and be comfortable in their homes is the way forward on the state government level.

The Supreme Court ended federal abortion-rights protections, although they still exist in Maine. Should the Legislature make abortions easier or harder to get?

There should be no change in abortion laws.

Name one specific abortion policy you would support to best serve your goal.

We need to continue to protect women’s bodily autonomy by keeping the decision to terminate a pregnancy between the woman and her care provider.

A housing affordability crisis has touched all parts of Maine over the past two years. Outline a major policy you would champion to help fix it.

We need to seriously look at the short term rental market and start to regulate it in such a way as to open up more rental properties to house people in a long term way. I would also want to take a look at the taxing of second and third houses that remain empty much of the year. This extra tax income should be dedicated to building more affordable housing.

Is Maine’s voting system safe and secure?


Outline the top voting reform that you believe the Legislature should pass.

We are so fortunate here in Maine to have good access to voting and because of that a very high voter turn out. Let’s continue to support these excellent policies.

In the first five months of 2022, 53 Mainers per month died of drug overdoses, putting us on track for the deadliest year ever. Outline your top policy priority in fighting the opioid crisis.

More access to treatment versus incarceration for those who are dependent on opioids, more access to Narcan and other first line treatments, a serious look at the underlying causes of this increased dependency on opioids and policy that would address those core issues.

National studies have shown that educational gaps between high-income and low-income students widened during the pandemic. How can the state help students catch up?

Well, finally funding education at 55% was a good start. We should definitely spend some of the Covid windfall on increasing our student’s access to tutoring and other supplemental educational programs that will help them catch up.

Travel to Maine has rebounded strongly, but this tourism season was hampered by massive workforce shortages. What can the Legislature do to help grow this crucial economic sector?

Continuing to increase the minimum wage so that more people are able to afford to work would be a good start. And by that I mean if gas, childcare, etc are so expensive that it makes taking a job impossible or difficult that will be a hurdle to finding willing workers.

What is a unique focus or priority that you would bring to the Legislature if elected?

I have, for the last 12 years, worked in the Legislature on re-localizing our food system here in Maine both the Food Sovereignty Act and the Right to Food Amendment are part of that work. I will bring that knowledge and network with me to House. I have also worked on bills regarding the inner workings of the state government and some educational issues. The skill set I have developed in getting these bills passed makes me the best choice for representing the people of District #38

Which chamber are you running for?